Eva Devine


From Connecticut...

Country Singer,  Eva Devine!

Eva was born and raised in Springfield, Mass. being the youngest child of 8 children. Growing up, Eva was greatly influenced by listening to the sounds of the family's Baby Grand piano for years playing by her brother Michael and her other brother Wal playing the bass guitar. At age 7, started to sing, and by 12 began studying voice. By 1981, she was singing in her local church and followed by the next 17 years playing guitar and performing, writing and co-writing Jesus and Country songs.

In 1996, Eva was introduced to the Ryman and appeared on the stage with the Don Reed Production singing one of her song's, "Expect a Miracle". Thru the years, she has been performing from National Anthems around her local venue to Fairs, Campgrounds and Honkytonks. The Eva Devine Band was established in Sept. 2003 and continues to perform through out the New England Area.

In 1998, Eva had the wonderful privledge to work for Gaylord Entertainment, at W.S.M. Radio Station in Opryland, Nashville, Tenn. and met many, well established musicians and professionals in the Nashville area. Also, she has been blessed with great opportunity to work with and meet many of Connecticut's very seasoned musicians and singers over the past 5 years.

From the Shot Gun Red Show, she was grateful to Mark Peterson, songwriter and lead guitarist of the band who helped her with a recording in 1998. Special thanks to Jerry Taylor for his home recording studio. It was wonderful to meet Steve Hall and Company on the Classic General Jackson Boat where the Band played for years!

Special thanks goes out to Jeff Lorello who continues to encourage me and in appreciation to Dick Drake, lead and pedal steel guitarist and utility man.
He taught me many things.-
 Eva Devine- 2008

                                                    Somewhere Over the Rainbow,
    Lies the Dream..........


“Special heartfelt gratitude to all those
from Massachusetts and Connecticut
to Nashville, Tennessee.”